Thanks for sending us to Tuscany!

Originally posted at – March 18, 2010
I’ve given up trying to be “deep”. I thought there might be a way for me to write something detailed and eloquent about the people who helped us win the trip to Tuscany. But that will take too long, and I think too much time already has passed. So here it is: I am deeply grateful for all of the help offered and provided by so many during the contest. Several days later, I am still completely overwhelmed by the number of people who spread the word in an effort to get more votes for us. During a time when I was feeling really down about how mean and disrespectful some people can be, there were plenty of others who stepped up and proved there still are good people in this world. Friends and family members I have not seen or talked to in years were posting the contest details on Facebook, asking their friends to vote. Friends of friends – people I’ve never even met – were doing the same thing. My co-worker’s son’s basketball coach (follow that?) even posted it on his page. Our entire Taylor Street neighborhood (save for a few rotten apples) rallied behind my family and did what they could to make sure we won this trip to Tuscany. And what would these people get out of it? They knew it would be nothing monetary or material, just the knowledge and satisfaction that they helped someone else. These people are good people.

Thanks again for the help, support, encouragement, and votes. You know who you are 🙂

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  1. Sophie S January 22, 2011 at 10:18 pm #

    Aww, you have no idea how much hope this post gives me. The contest that I entered, I did so at my older brothers encouragement. I used to travel a lot, all the time, but when I was about to take my dream trip– to New Zealand– my father became ill and I came home to help my family out. One thing leads to another and before I knew it a couple years have passed and I still haven’t been able to take that trip because doing so would mean I would have to stop helping out the family– something I am not going to do.

    So, when my brother saw the contest, he urged me to enter for a couple days. It is a month and a half in though and many of the leaders have had their pictures up, gaining votes for that entire time. Since Thursday morning though I have gotten about 100 votes though taking me from 200th place to about 20th right now. I still need a huge number of votes though, in 9 days.

    I am overwhelmed by how many people have helped so far though, and especially my blogger friends. Anyway, I am hoping I can do it!

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