Visa Gift Card Winner from National Car Rental

Returning to the present from our trip back to 1987, we have a winner of the $25 Visa Gift Card! Before the big announcement, though, the official stuff: there were twenty-one entries on the contest blog post; I entered the numbers 1 through 21 at and it selected the number 6. The sixth comment just happens to be one of my favorites from this contest:

“25 years ago I was wielding a ‘He-Man’ sword and screaming ‘I have the power’ while running around the house in my G.I. Joe underwear.”

The comment was written by Dominick Adolfo so he is our winner! I’m glad the dirty work of picking a winner was left to and that I didn’t have to pick one based on which comment is my favorite, because it would have been difficult to pick just one. Here are snippets from my other favorite comments:

“…figuring out how to purchase, then apply, clear mascara — one of the few types of make up we could get away with at my Catholic grammar school and really only something the upper classmen tried — and hoping Mark Wahlberg would see my mascaraed eyes through the crowd and tell me he’d be loving me forever.” — Annie Freccero

“I’m sure I was thumbing through some teen magazine and cutting out words or pictures to tape into my planner. We did more work trying to make our planners look cool with the right ‘hip’ words and heartthrobs, than we did actually keeping our calendars and logging our homework.”Megan Jamen (My two cents: I’m guilty of doing this same thing back in the late 80s! Also, the concept of “planners” is probably lost on kids these days.)

“I started high school where I ran into an old frenemy that became one of my best friends. She broke the ice by asking to borrow my bible. I guess I am lucky that she was an irresponsible bible owner.”Megan Kelley (I’ll let you on in a little secret: I’m the “frenemy” Megan speaks of and, twenty-five years later, we’re still best friends. We went to a Catholic high school so that explains the bible.)

Thanks again to everyone who entered and for all of your great comments! I really had fun reading all of your entries. Please check out The Working Mom’s Travel’s Facebook page to see who the winner is over there!

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