High praise for B & B Valentina in Orvieto

When traveling before I had my daughter, I never really paid attention to how “kid friendly” any place is. Orvieto is one of those places. I’d been there once before, and only on a day trip, so I was unsure what to expect of a three-day visit with my two-year-old daughter.

Let’s just say that Orvieto exceeded my expectations in the kid friendliness department, starting with the accommodations for our visit, B & B Valentina. When I think of a bed and breakfast, I think of a quiet hamlet tucked away in the countryside, a quaint and peaceful little place. For this reason, a bed & breakfast normally isn’t my first choice of accommodations when traveling with my daughter, but B &B Valentina’s rates fit nicely into our budget. We got way more than what we paid for!

Our room on the second floor was spacious and comfortable, and had a private bathroom, satellite TV, free (and reliable) Wi-Fi, and a refrigerator. For an extra 5€ a day per person, we had breakfast delivered to our room each morning. This was key. I cannot describe how much of a relief it was to not have to get up in the morning and rush out in search of breakfast for Lucia, as was the case in Napoli. In addition to the delivered breakfast, there is a buffet in the hallway that is stocked all day long with bottles of water, snacks, and packaged baked goods.

Valentina herself lives on the first level of the B & B and she was around most of the time to answer questions or give us dining recommendations. We met two other lovely ladies who work at the B & B. One is named Shirley, and she speaks English and Italian; we did not get the other lady’s name but she speaks only Italian. Both ladies were incredibly sweet, helpful, accommodating, friendly, hard-working… I think you get the picture!

Some other things worth noting about B & B Valentina:

  • Location. Orvieto is not a very large town, but the winding streets can be confusing; it is easy to get turned around. From B & B Valentina, it took us only a few minutes to walk to a main shopping and dining area of Orvieto, and we were steps away from the site of the street market which takes place on Thursdays and Saturdays. Side note about that market: it’s huge! We found a lot of stuff at great prices, too: scarves, purses, clothing, and food. We bought some olives, cinghiale soppresatta, delicious fontina, and bread, and that was our lunch for the next two days.
  • Car parking. We had our rental car by this point so we needed someplace to park it. B & B Valentina advertises “parking”; I misunderstood and thought it was free. It’s not; it costs 8€ a day, and it’s in a gated and locked lot around the corner from the B & B. Valentina arranges the parking with the lot owner and gives you a remote control to open the gate when you need your car. The other option is to pay 1€ per hour to park in the public lot. Eight Euro per day, or 1€ per hour for 24 hours. I’m sure I don’t need to do the math for you.
  • Laundry. For 10€, a member of the B & B staff will do your laundry. For me, that is money well spent, especially with a toddler who likes to wipe her hands on her clothes when she eats. Seriously, though, after two days of travel to Italy and five days in Napoli, walking everywhere and playing in the park, the 10€ was well worth it.

One last thing to mention about B & B Valentina is the apartment on the top floor of the property. Shirley showed it to us during a little tour when we checked in. It is a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment, with a full kitchen and a washing machine. It was way more than what our traveling party needed, but it would be absolutely perfect for a larger family. Not only is it roomy, but the apartment is CUTE. I want to stay at B & B Valentina again just so I can rent that apartment.

My worries about staying at a B & B with a toddler were alleviated by the incredible staff at B & B Valentina. They helped to make our time in Orvieto one of the highlights of our trip to Italy. And if I needed more assurance, another family with a baby was staying there at the same time we were there.

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  1. Valentina April 18, 2011 at 1:54 pm #

    Good evening to’ evrybody especially to’ Francesca I want to’ really thank you and I really appreciate your consideration for my B&B.I think sometime is a very good solutions especially with children. I hope to meet you again and offer the apartment you like. A special thanks form Shirley

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