Turn any family trip into an adventure with Big Adventure Box

Planning a long-haul trip with young kids can be daunting. Parents worry about how to occupy their kids for such long stretches of time. We all have the electronic devices with apps, games, and movies, but how much screen time do you really want your kids to have?

There is a new kid on the block, so to speak, that provides a refreshing alternative to the technology options: Big Adventure Box. This is not your standard subscription box. Actually, it’s not a subscription box at all. Started by a husband-and-wife team (Alex and Amanda) with “a vision to create a product that captures the magical essence of childhood and adventure”, your Big Adventure Box is customized specifically for your child.

Big Adventure Box logo

How it works

Parents complete a short survey on the Big Adventure Box website, providing details of the upcoming trip such as means of travel, destination, and your child’s age. Then the good people at Big Adventure Box get to work on filling the customized box with items and activities that match your child’s interests. A one-week turnaround time is standard, and you can decide if you would like the box delivered to your home or to your final destination! I think that is my favorite feature of Big Adventure Box.

Big Adventure Box options

There are two box options: the Adventure Box and the Big Adventure Box (the flagship product).

Big Adventure Box options

The newest option is the Siblings Adventure Box, which is what we had delivered to our home before a multi-day road trip. It was perfect for my two little darlings. There were enough items for them to share – they never bickered once! – and a branded knapsack for each of them.

How to maximize your Big Adventure Box experience

One of the top travel tips I’ve given to parents over the years is, before a trip, head to your local dollar store and stock up on toys and activities. This doesn’t break the bank and if something is lost or broken, you’re not out a ton of money. Save the new toys and give them to the kids at the airport, once on the plane, or as soon as you get in the car before a road trip. The novelty will last much longer this way. I also recommend saving some of the new items for the return trip (somehow the trip back home is often overlooked).

What does all this have to do with Big Adventure Box? Well, ordering a box for your kids saves you trips to the dollar store. Plus, the items in the Big Adventure Box are definitely of higher quality than anything you’d find at Dollar Tree. If you have the box delivered to your home before the trip, put it aside and have the kids open it right before departure. Or, on a road trip, you could wait until you’re on the road for a bit before giving it to the kids. That’s what I did and my kids absolutely tore into it! They were so excited.

In addition to the customized items and knapsacks, the box also contains a personalized letter to the kid(s), complete with “official” Adventurer ID numbers. Such an adorable touch.

Big Adventure Box discount

Because I am such a big fan of Big Adventure Box, I asked Alex and Amanda to extend a discount to my readers. For a limited time, when you order your own Big Adventure Box, use discount code WORKINGMOM to receive 10% off any order. With holiday travel coming up and looking even farther ahead to Spring Break, this Big Adventure Box discount should not be passed up!

We received a complimentary Big Adventure Siblings Box for the purpose of review. I was not compensated in any other way for writing this post (I’d gush about Big Adventure Box even if I paid for it myself). All words and opinions, as always, are my own.

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