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Halkidiki: The best place in Greece you've never heard of

Halkidiki: The best place in Greece you’ve never heard of

“So, which island did you visit?” asked the taxi driver in Athens. “We didn’t visit any of the islands,” I replied. “You’re American, no?” “Yes, we’re American.” Baffled, the taxi driver continued, “No islands? Then where did you go in Greece?” I’ll tell you where we went: Halkidiki. While there, we met no other American […]

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Family Travel Guide to Curonian Spit, Lithuania

Family travel guide to the Curonian Spit, Lithuania

The Curonian Spit is the most captivating place you’ve never heard of. It is rich in history and full of natural wonders, and it’s an ideal family travel destination. A spit is defined as “a narrow point of land projecting into the sea”, and that’s exactly what the Curonian Spit is. The swath of land extends into […]

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Hill of Witches | Juodkrantė, Lithuania

Folklore in the forest: The Hill of Witches in Juodkrantė, Lithuania

The Hill of Witches (Raganų Kalnas in Lithuanian) is a public trail system through a forested sand dune just off the main road in Juodkrantė, Lithuania. The forest here is teeming with mystical wood carvings, all representing figures from Lithuanian folklore and pagan traditions. I came across photos of the Hill of Witches as I was doing research for […]

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BEST.DAY.EVER. with Urban Adventures | Vilnius, Lithuania

Best.Day.Ever. in Vilnius, Lithuania with Urban Adventures

Urban Adventures is a division of Intrepid Travel and offers tours in 153 cities around the world. All Urban Adventures tour guides are locals and have intimate knowledge of the cities they’re representing. Unique tours are offered in each city, ranging from historic walking tours to hands-on cooking classes, and there is also the possibility of […]

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Rome, Italy

Dear Rome, I love you.

I felt compelled to write the following upon learning that this week’s #JAchat topic is Rome. (#JAchat is a weekly Twitter travel chat that I co-host. Read here to learn more.) I’ve heard other travelers compare picking a favorite place in the world, out of all the towns, cities, and countries they’ve visited, to choosing which […]

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Hotel Topazz | Vienna, Austria

A break from the traditional: Stylish and modern hotels in Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria, is an imperial city known for its formal atmosphere. Walking through Vienna amidst the eloquent buildings may feel like you’re strolling through a living, open-air museum. But for as much as Vienna upholds its traditions, the city is embracing modernity and the nontraditional, as shown by these hotel properties. Modern Luxury in Vienna’s […]

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Pompeii | Day trip from Naples

Five day trips to take from Naples, Italy

One may find it difficult to ever leave a city as vivid and alive as Naples. But the truth is, there is a wealth of beauty and culture to be experienced just beyond the city, which makes Naples an excellent base for exploring other areas of Campania. Many hotels in Naples will make arrangements for […]

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Where to stay in Barcelona?

Barcelona is a city teeming with extraordinary art, architecture, culture, and cuisine. With so much to experience, visitors might be overwhelmed when trying to decide on a hotel at an optimal location and one that best suits their interests and their budgets. For the #HipmunkCityLove project, here are five options for hotels in Barcelona that […]

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