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Bay of Naples | Mt. Vesuvius

Connecting with our family roots in Naples

Italy as a whole is a top destination for many reasons: the gastronomic delights, centuries of history, and diverse scenery, to name just a few. My main reason for wanting to visit Italy is a bit more personal. I guess you can say it’s in my blood for I am Italian-American. I can trace my […]

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Lungomare from Castel dell'Ovo | Napoli

Cities Less Traveled: Revealing “Real” Italy in Naples

It’s been said that Naples is a beautiful woman in a dirty dress. Such a description could not be more fitting. Everything you’ve heard about Naples is true: it’s chaotic and gritty. However, in keeping with the woman-in-a-dirty-dress analogy, a person’s true beauty comes from within, not what is on the outside. Naples is the […]

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Resting after running around the Kenosha lakefront

#JAchat round-up: Urban family travel

There is a new Twitter travel chat in town. It’s something to be excited about and I’m proud to be involved. It’s called #JAchat and it was started by my friend and fellow travel blogger, Pola Henderson, of Jetting Around. The main focus of Pola’s blog is city travel and culture and that theme has […]

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Hotel Europeo: Affordable accommodations in Napoli’s historic center

Jessica at WhyGo Italy recommended Hotel Europeo, among others, for my family’s stay in Napoli. Jessica has spent a fair amount of time in Napoli and is quite knowledgeable about all things Italy, so I trust her judgment. Up front, Hotel Europeo offers everything we wanted for our stay in Napoli: location in the historic […]

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