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Rome, Italy

Dear Rome, I love you.

I felt compelled to write the following upon learning that this week’s #JAchat topic is Rome. (#JAchat is a weekly Twitter travel chat that I co-host. Read here to learn more.) I’ve heard other travelers compare picking a favorite place in the world, out of all the towns, cities, and countries they’ve visited, to choosing which […]

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Resting after running around the Kenosha lakefront

#JAchat round-up: Urban family travel

There is a new Twitter travel chat in town. It’s something to be excited about and I’m proud to be involved. It’s called #JAchat and it was started by my friend and fellow travel blogger, Pola Henderson, of Jetting Around. The main focus of Pola’s blog is city travel and culture and that theme has […]

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Journey through Italy: A photographic timeline

My mother keeps reminding me that we’ve been home from Italy for 2 ½ months now and she is “still waiting for the list of all the places we went to.” So, Mom, here is your list, complete with photos to refresh your memory. For everyone else, please consider it a photographic timeline of our […]

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Pleasantly surprised by Rome’s City Guest House Hotel

Millions of visitors flock to Rome to get a glimpse of ancient life, for a better sense of history, or as a religious pilgrimage. The Eternal City is a living museum. But away from the major attractions like the Colosseum and the Spanish Steps, people – Romans – really live there. I would imagine that […]

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