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Florence Duomo

Why I’ll never return to Florence

In fact, I’m not afraid to say that I even hate Florence. Go ahead, tell me I’m crazy. Tell me how wrong and ignorant I am. Lecture me about how I should give Florence another chance. It all will be for naught, however, as my mind is made up. After two separate visits to Florence, […]

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Iron ring on a building in Siena, Italy

#FriFotos theme: RING

Along with JAchat, one of the highlights of the week for me also takes place on Fridays: FriFotos. I’ve co-hosted in the past and am thrilled to have been invited to do so again this week. The theme is RING, which I love because it is left wide open for interpretation. One way to think […]

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Resting after running around the Kenosha lakefront

#JAchat round-up: Urban family travel

There is a new Twitter travel chat in town. It’s something to be excited about and I’m proud to be involved. It’s called #JAchat and it was started by my friend and fellow travel blogger, Pola Henderson, of Jetting Around. The main focus of Pola’s blog is city travel and culture and that theme has […]

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Favorite memories of Tuscany

We took advantage of our prime location at Casa Cornacchi, and the near-perfect weather, to experience some of the best that Tuscany has to offer. Each morning after breakfast, we would restock the diaper bag, pack up some snacks, and hit the hilly, winding Tuscan roads to explore a new place. Before arriving in Tuscany, […]

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