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A break from the traditional: Stylish and modern hotels in Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria, is an imperial city known for its formal atmosphere. Walking through Vienna amidst the eloquent buildings may feel like you’re strolling through a living, open-air museum. But for as much as Vienna upholds its traditions, the city is embracing modernity and the nontraditional, as shown by these hotel properties. Modern Luxury in Vienna’s […]

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Katholische Kirche St. Michael | Vienna, Austria

Giving Vienna a second chance

Vienna is a city I’d always wanted to visit and that wish finally came true for me last year. My family and I spent five days in Vienna, doing our best to live like locals, and had an enjoyable time. Still, I left the imperial city feeling less than 100 percent in love with it. […]

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The Last Supper mosaic | Minoritenkirche | Vienna, Austria

Discovering Lesser-Known Vienna

Vienna has its imperial family history, its legendary coffeehouses, and its opulent palaces, none of which one should miss. For first-time visitors, it’s easy to get lost in the grandeur of places like the State Opera and Hofburg Palace, and overlook the more obscure attractions and activities. To help you mix it up a bit, […]

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