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This traveling family is all about the National Parks.

Giving my daughter the gift of travel

My sole purpose for starting this blog a little over two years ago was to prove that my traveling days did not need to come to an end because I was having a child. I think my husband and I have done well in staying true to that objective. I’m still traveling, most times with my […]

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Gingerbread houses

Day trip with a toddler to Martha’s Vineyard

Originally posted at – October 15, 2010 There are two ways to get to Martha’s Vineyard:  by air or by sea.  Since I’ve neither unlimited income nor a private jet, “by sea” it was. At this time of year (late September), ferry schedules and options are not as plentiful as during the summer months.  […]

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Lobster Pot

Family-friendly activities in Provincetown

Originally posted at – October 5, 2010 I honestly didn’t know what to expect from Provincetown. We chose the city as the base for our Cape Cod adventure simply because it is one of the largest on the Cape. Aside from that, all I knew prior to departure is that Provincetown is extremely vibrant […]

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Condo in Provincetown: Perfect for family vacation

Originally posted at – October 1, 2010 Provincetown is one of the largest “cities” (the word used loosely here) on Cape Cod. Coming from Chicago and having never been anywhere else on the Cape, I figured staying in Provincetown would be a safe bet for us, that the dining and entertainment options would be […]

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