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Visiting Yellowstone in Winter

Why you should visit Yellowstone in winter + what you need to know to plan your trip

*Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Yellowstone National Park is one of the world’s greatest wonders. The park sees its highest volume of visitors in summer, understandably. But in winter, something magical happens… It’s easy to be turned off by the idea of visiting a place like Yellowstone in winter because of the weather, especially […]

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Private guided tour of Yellowstone with Yellowstone Insight

Extraordinary private guided tour of Yellowstone National Park with Yellowstone Insight

Yellowstone National Park sits atop many a traveler’s bucket list. Outdoor adventurers, wildlife enthusiasts, and conservationists come from near and far to take in all the splendor that is Yellowstone. For many, visiting Yellowstone is a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Even for those who have visited multiple times, each Yellowstone experience is special. To make your time […]

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Places to visit near Yellowstone National Park | Yellowstone Country Montana

Places to visit near Yellowstone National Park

Beyond the park: Travel guide to Yellowstone Country Montana Of all the places in the world I’ve traveled, Yellowstone National Park stands as my absolute favorite. I have a special connection to Yellowstone, as I lived and worked there two decades ago, so – for me – it stands as far more than a travel […]

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Medora, North Dakota

Medora, North Dakota: Gateway to Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Medora, North Dakota is the gateway to Theodore Roosevelt National Park (TRNP). Founded in 1833 by French nobleman the Marquis de Mores, the small town in the valley of the Little Missouri evokes images of big adventures. Medora is located just off of Interstate 94 and right next to the South Unit entrance of TRNP. […]

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What not to do in Yellowstone National Park

Don’t be a touron: What NOT to do in Yellowstone National Park

Recent stories of pure stupidity and ignorance coming out of my beloved Yellowstone National Park have me seething. Perhaps you’ve seen these reports on social media or in the news. While what’s happening at Yellowstone is nothing new, nowadays we’re hearing about it way too often. A bit of backstory: I lived and worked in Yellowstone […]

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Mrs. Lincoln's Attic | Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

Family travel guide to Abraham Lincoln historic sites: Midwest edition

April 15, 2015, marks the 150th anniversary of the death of Abraham Lincoln. It’s incredible to ponder just how much of an impact Lincoln still has on our country, even more than a century later. While much emphasis is placed on Lincoln’s Presidential story, one of the objectives of For the Love of Lincoln was to relay the […]

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The Great Smoky Mountains

A family bonds in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The first guest post of my “maternity leave” is from my pal, Traveling Ted. He shares a sometimes scary story of how a hiking, traveling family comes together during a rough time on the trail. What was supposed to be a six-mile hike to an Appalachian Trail shelter in Great Smoky Mountains National Park turned […]

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National Park Service Units of the Midwest: The Great Plains States

Just because my second child is due in about two months doesn’t mean I’m not constantly thinking about travel. Assuming that the baby and I are both healthy, The Working Dad and I are trying to figure into my maternity leave as much travel as possible. When we do hit the road later this summer […]

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National Park Service Units of the Midwest: The Great Lakes States

It is no secret that I am kind of in love with U.S. National Parks. This city girl thinks the idea of setting aside wild lands and historic places for future generations is invaluable. I visited my first national park when I was twenty-two years old, when I headed west to work and live in […]

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