Dining at Omni Bedford Springs Resort

It’s true: the Omni Bedford Springs Resort has everything you need, including five on-site restaurants to choose from.

Previously, I mentioned the poolside eatery, The Turtle Shell; the remaining dining options at Omni Bedford Springs Resort range from the Che Sara Sara snack shop to the upscale 1796 Room. No meals were included in our stay so we had to choose dining spots that fit within our budget. As wonderful as the 1796 Room sounds and as incredible as the chophouse menu looks, it really was out of our financial league. So we chose to dine at the Frontier Tavern on our first night, and it perfectly suited our needs – and our budget. Frontier Tavern is casual and comfortable, and service was perfect.

We started our second day with breakfast at The Crystal Room. Diners have the option of ordering from the menu or going with the breakfast buffet. Let me assure you: this is not your average buffet! No cold, runny eggs or mystery-meat links to be found. I could have made a meal out of just the yogurt, homemade granola, and array of fresh berries. Alas, I forced myself to sample the decadent French toast and Lancaster bacon and raisin bread with fresh apple butter…. Now, I mentioned this is not your average breakfast buffet and, in accordance, it does not come at your average breakfast buffet price. The cost is $21 per person; children under 5 eat for free. With drinks (extra charge) and tip, breakfast cost us well over $50 – way more than we would ever want to pay for breakfast, but it was worth it for such high quality food and service. Did we do it again during our time at Omni Bedford Springs? Um, no. There is a budget option: the Che Sara Sara snack shop offers bagels, danishes, fruit, juice, and similar breakfast items at way more reasonable prices.

The Crystal Room also offers a dinner buffet, which we enjoyed on our last night at Omni Bedford Springs, but it works slightly differently: guests choose one of five entree options from the menu, and get to enjoy all-you-can-eat appetizers, salad, and desserts from the buffet. When I say appetizers, I’m talking shrimp and scallop scampi; beef medallions; and a tray of Italian meats and cheeses, to name a few. And the desserts! My husband insists the bread pudding, accompanied by real whipped cream and gooey caramel, is the best he’s ever had. It is a fixed price of $42 per person for dinner and children under 5 eat for free.

It’s safe to say that my family and I had the most fantastic time at the Omni Bedford Springs Resort. If the amazing activities and meals weren’t enough, there are two more things I must mention that helped put this resort at the top of our list:

1. Afternoon tea. Complimentary tea, snacks, and sweets are served every day at 4:00pm in the hotel lobby.  Mom and I enjoyed our tea in the rocking chairs on the veranda – very fancy!

2. Wi-fi. Yes, it’s free, and it works everywhere on the property. I was able to tweet and play Words With Friends while lounging at the pool!

I cannot put it any more simply: if you ever have the opportunity to stay at Omni Bedford Springs Resort, DO IT. I only hope that we will one day make a return trip.

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