Hotel Europeo: Affordable accommodations in Napoli’s historic center

Jessica at WhyGo Italy recommended Hotel Europeo, among others, for my family’s stay in Napoli. Jessica has spent a fair amount of time in Napoli and is quite knowledgeable about all things Italy, so I trust her judgment. Up front, Hotel Europeo offers everything we wanted for our stay in Napoli: location in the historic center, en suite bathrooms, and affordable rates. We were not disappointed.

Our stay there was convenient, pleasant, and comfortable, even with a two-year-old. Every member of the staff, from the housekeepers to those working in reception, is friendly and helpful, though only a few speak English. This was not a problem for me as I can speak and understand Italian, but others might find that problematic. The employees seemingly love children, as well. It made me feel better about housing a typical (read: sometimes noisy) two-year-old in closer quarters than what we’re used to.

Hotel Europeo takes up the third and fourth floors of a residential building on Via Mezzocannone. There are two locked gates to get through before one can enter the hotel; ring the bells and hotel staff will grant access. Our room had just enough space for the four of us and all of our gear, was very clean, and had satellite TV with two English-language channels. The location is unbeatable and allowed us to walk just about everywhere, placing us minutes away from plenty of restaurants, cafes, and shops. If our destination was too far away to walk, we simply walked to the taxi stand at the end of the block, right at Piazzetta del Nilo, where there were taxis for hire at all times of day.

I would recommend Hotel Europeo to any traveling family, but I do have to mention two minor annoyances. The first is the building elevator. It is about half the size of an airplane bathroom, no joke. Two average-size adults, without bags and suitcases, can fit in the elevator at a time. That means my poor husband wound up carrying most of our gear up the four flights of stairs instead of waiting for, and trying to cram everything into, the elevator on multiple trips. My other issue is the WiFi. Yes, it is free; however, it is quite spotty and only one wireless device per room can be connected to the WiFi at a time. I couldn’t be connected on my iTouch, let’s say, while my husband was connected on his laptop.

Again, minor gripes, but the price, location, and service more than made up for the annoyances.

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