Make cold-weather travel easier with these must-have items

Written by special contributor, Hayley Jennings

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Traveling is about experiencing new things and widening your worldview. For some people, the idea of traveling might seem scary because it involves being placed in unfamiliar situations. Weather can be one such situation and can end up being a roadblock to travel, exploration, and adventure. 

Just think about it: how many of your friends and family members prefer going to a warm beach as opposed to Lapland or Alaska? It’s all because the sun and warm temperatures are much easier to cope with than freezing temperatures. There’s less to worry about, less to pack, and you’ll be more comfortable relaxing on a beach with the sun shining than trekking through a snowy forest.

There’s much to explore on a winter holiday, and we believe that the secret to a successful low-temperature adventure is to be prepared. As such, we’ve put together a list of some of the most useful cold weather travel items that you absolutely must take with you to make it more enjoyable.

Thermal Socks

Heat holding socks are your best friend if you want to do some traveling and walking around. They may be a little more expensive and bulkier than the socks you’re used to, but this is fine especially if you’re following the tip below and getting yourself a big pair of boots as well. Carry a pair or two that are specifically for traveling outdoors and keep separate pairs of socks for when you’re indoors.

Big Comfortable Boots

You’re going to need some comfortable, big boots that are designed for walking. Much of the joy that comes from a winter holiday is exploring the wonderful landscapes and scenes, meaning you’ll spend a lot of time on your feet. Make sure you test out the boots and ensure they fit nicely when you wear your thermal socks and ensure they don’t make your feet hurt after a while.

Making winter travel easier

Smartphone Gloves

Smartphones are essential for navigating and communicating, but we don’t want our hands to freeze when we use them. Fingerless gloves could work, but unless you want the tips of your hand to feel horribly cold then they just won’t work. What you need instead is a pair of smartphone gloves.

Several Layers

Sounds obvious, but many people try to pack fewer clothes when they go on a holiday. This won’t work for a winter holiday! Make sure you pack several shirts, large jumpers and, most importantly, a comfortable outer layer. An excellent option is an Obermeyer Tuscany jacket or a similar branded, padded, and durable coat. These large layers take up a lot of space in your luggage so you need one that will last you the entire holiday.

Warm Beanie

Don’t forget to protect your head! The hood of a jacket or coat can work, but they look a little unsightly compared to just a simple warm beanie. These will help keep the heat in and will ensure that your head stays at a comfortable temperature when you’re out exploring the winter landscapes.

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