On the banks of the Red Cedar…

…there’s a school that’s known to all.

The Red Cedar by rmblack

The Red Cedar by rmblack

That school is my alma mater, Michigan State University (MSU). I recently visited campus for the first time in seven years. What made this stopover so special, though, is that I brought my daughter with me for her first visit. One of the reasons I feel so strongly about traveling with my daughter is that, through our experiences, she is able to learn first-hand about all that the world has to offer. East Lansing, Michigan, and the MSU campus are not exactly travel hot spots but they are a part of MY world. They were a big part of my world for those four years in the early 1990s and they continue to be eighteen years after my graduation. Not to mention, our visit gave me the opportunity to explain to my daughter what exactly “college” is and why it is important. Yes, I know Lucia is not even four, but we’re never too young (or too old) to learn a thing or two.

Our visit was brief but it was enough time for me to show Lucia the place on campus I hold most dear: Munn Ice Arena, home of the MSU Spartans hockey team.




No visit to MSU is complete without a stop at The Dairy Store!


Lucia went with chocolate. I had Frozen 4 Slapshot.

Munn and The Dairy Store have nothing to do with academics, I know. But isn’t college, like life, all about the experiences?


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