Tips to keep kids happy when traveling

Written by special contributor, Hayley Jennings

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Family vacations aren’t always as they seem in the magazines; the little ones paddle gleefully in the sea, whilst you lie on a sun lounger calmly and sip on an ice-cold cocktail. Things don’t always run this smoothly, especially when travelling with kids. You can’t expect every tiny detail to go to plan when you go on a family holiday, but you can be as prepared as possible. Your priority is to make sure your little ones are happy and safe. All of this couldn’t be simpler as long as you do some forward planning and make yourself aware of the potential risks whilst you’re away. Check out these ways to keep the smiles on your kids’ faces during your family trip.

Pick the Perfect Place

When you go on holiday with children you need to make sure you have plenty of space in your accommodation. They need the freedom to run around and that isn’t as acceptable at most hotels. One such perfect place is There is a whole range of condos to rent for a week, two weeks or even three. Choose the size that works for you and your family and you’re guaranteed to have a spacious, welcoming and safe place to stay during your vacation.

Grand Cayman

Plan Awesome Activities

Familiarise yourself with the destination before you get there and make sure you map out a handful of fun activities for the kids. Whether that’s a trip to the beach, a day at the aquarium or even a boat ride around an island, do something that is tailored towards them at the very start of the holiday. You will soon stumble across many more awesome activities and then you can weave these into your overall plan.

Find Kid-Friendly Foods

When your children are on holiday and out of their comfort zone it can be difficult to get them to eat foods from another culture. Encourage them to try new things, but don’t force them into it. Kids can have delicate bellies, so it’s best to keep their diet as similar as possible to home. This will help ensure they don’t get sick whilst you’re on vacation and everyone can have the most enjoyable time possible.

Kid-friendly foods

Don’t Plan Too Much

Spontaneous moments often provide the best memories, so try not to be too stringent with your holiday plans. You should map out one or two big activities to do whilst you’re away, but leave the rest to happen naturally. You are on vacation so don’t limit the family by setting deadlines and strict schedules. Try and go with the flow as much as you can; everyone will feel more at ease.

Tips to keep kids happy when traveling

There’s a better chance of everything running smoothly as long as you plan ahead, choose the right accommodations, and be open to having the most memorable experiences. Don’t get too caught up in the stress of vacations; relax and enjoy every moment with your family. You won’t get to relive these times ever again, so, make the most of it.

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