Travel clothing with a conscience from prAna

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Like many other women not of average size, for most of my life, it was difficult to find active and travel wear that fit properly. The standard sizes were way too small. There wasn’t much in the way of women’s “plus size” activewear so, out of desperation, I would resort to wearing men’s t-shirts to work out. Never mind how frumpy it looked; it was just downright uncomfortable.

The situation improved over the years as some brands began offering larger sizes. As I started traveling more and then having kids, I started looking for activewear that was also suitable for travel. Think comfortable and functional while being somewhat fashionable. After all these years of wishing and searching, I have found the active and travel clothing brand that suits my needs: prAna.

Travel clothing with a conscience from prAna #TravelprAna #prAnaSpring18

#TravelprAna: Perfect travel clothing

I know when I’m considering what to pack for my travels, I tend to go with items that don’t wrinkle easily. Especially when traveling with the kids, I don’t have the time (nor do I want to be bothered) to iron. Recently, the kids and I took part in some hometown travel. We stayed at a hotel in downtown Chicago and hit some tourist spots, including Maggie Daley Park. I knew I would have to be running after the kids at the park so I wanted to pack clothes that were comfortable but still nice enough to wear to lunch later in the day. I couldn’t have packed a more perfect item than the Foundation Wrap from prAna.

Travel clothing with a conscience from prAna #TravelprAana #prAnaSpring18

Maggie Daley Park – Chicago

In line with prAna’s commitment to sustainability, the Foundation Wrap is made of eco-friendly Lenzing Modal®. The cellulosic fiber is made from sustainably harvested beech trees and its bleaching method also is environmentally friendly. I can feel good about wearing it from a sustainable standpoint. I also feel good wearing it because it’s incredibly comfortable.

Travel clothing with a conscience from prAna #TravelprAana #prAnaSpring18

Wearing my Foundation Wrap at Maggie Daley Park

The Foundation Wrap is an open, long-sleeved cardigan (perfect for layering) with functional front pockets and an overall relaxed fit. It was perfect for our Maggie Daley Park adventure. I also noticed that the material has a bit of a shimmer to it. Nothing over-the-top but definitely adds something to the garment so it doesn’t look flat or drab. I see the Foundation Wrap becoming a staple in my wardrobe, especially for traveling. The nature of Lenzing Modal® makes the garment wear-resistant and, as I’ve discovered, virtually wrinkle-resistant. I’m happy to know that my Foundation Wrap can be machine washed and tumble dried without shrinking or getting pulled out of shape.

Extended sizes

As I mentioned previously, it once was a challenge to find suitable activewear and travel clothing in my size. But more brands have begun offering larger sizes for women and prAna is one of them. I’d long admired prAna clothing so I was ecstatic to learn they added extended sizes to their inventory. The Foundation Wrap is one of the prAna items I now own. Another is the Pillar Capri. Now, as recently as two years ago, there is no way I would have worn leggings; I just didn’t have the confidence. I tried on a few pairs but they all seemed to accentuate in all the wrong places. That’s why I was hesitant to try on the Pillar Capri; I’d already had it in mind that they, too, wouldn’t work for me. Turns out, it was the exact opposite. The Pillar Capri pants, made of recycled polyester, are perfect. They smooth out those “wrong places” and I’m not self-conscious wearing them in public, whether I’m going to yoga or running to the market.

Travel clothing with a conscience from prAna #TravelprAana #prAnaSpring18

Pillar Capri Plus Pants

No matter what size you wear, be sure to use prAna’s True Fit feature. Indicate the size and brand of the best-fitting clothes you already own, and True Fit uses that data to determine which size of the prAna item would fit you best. I used True Fit and the size recommendations it gave me were spot on. My Foundation Wrap and Pillar Capri pants fit perfectly.

Something else worth mentioning about prAna’s extended sizes: they are the same price as their regular-sized counterparts. All too often, clothing companies proudly offer extended sizes, only to charge as much as $20 more than the same regular-sized item. This level of respect shown by prAna is what makes me loyal now to the brand.

Eco-friendly, sustainable, and fair-trade travel clothing

The Foundation Wrap (Lenzing Modal®) and Pillar Capri pants (recycled polyester) are not the only prAna items that are made using eco-friendly practices. In fact, all prAna products are made of some type of eco-friendly or sustainable material. There are the two I already mentioned, along with 100% organic cotton, hemp, recycled wool, and responsible down. In addition, prAna also is one of the first major clothing companies to offer Fair Trade Certified™ items. Working with Fair Trade USA, prAna is committed to ensuring that garment workers have safe working conditions and higher earnings and that women workers are treated equally.

prAna discount code

Now that you’ve decided to shop prAna for your own travel clothing, I am happy to provide a discount code for 15% off online purchases! At checkout, please use the following discount code: TRWMS18. Add comfort to your travel wardrobe and feel better knowing your travel clothing is made with a conscience.

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