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Fact: I am not the most fashion-forward mama out there. My “style” over the years has gone from preppy to grungy to outdoorsy to where we are today: comfy casual. I’m not creative at all when it comes to the visual arts so, when I do go clothes shopping, I pay more attention to the mannequins’ ensembles than to the items hanging on the racks. That’s how I get my fashion inspiration because I cannot stylishly put separates together. Moreover, I don’t care to spend a large amount of money on clothing. I may splurge on one item – like a designer top that fits me perfectly – but I’d rather spend my money on travel.

Dolmabahçe Palace | Istanbul, Turkey

The extent of my travel fashion at Dolmabahçe Palace in Istanbul

Luckily, Rhea Footwear and To The Tens have come to my rescue. You may remember my review from earlier this year of the stylish and patented no-slip boots from Rhea Footwear. When they asked me to partner again I didn’t have to think twice. Rhea Footwear also introduced me to To The Tens, “a fashion and beauty community”. To The Tens is an app that allows users to discover new styles and trends. Real people upload photos of their looks to the platform and link to the specific items they’re wearing. So if you see a look you like on To The Tens, you can purchase an item or the whole look within the app! Now I don’t have to stalk mannequins in department stores anymore for ideas of how to put together an outfit.

Urban Mom Comfy Casual

The look: Urban Mom Comfy Casual

On the flip side, you may upload your own looks to provide inspiration to others. When other users shop your look, you earn points that you cash out through PayPal! More money to shop – or travel, in my case. I recently uploaded my “summer uniform” to To The Tens. It’s a look I call “Urban Mom Comfy Casual”. It’s also a perfect example of my shopping tendencies: a splurge item (Calvin Klein blouse which retailed for $69) and bargain buys (Mossimo brand handbag from Target; $18.99). But let’s talk about the shoes. I’m wearing Rhea Footwear’s Duos Black Gold flip-flop sandals. They have become an integral part of my summer wardrobe because they are stylish (without being over-the-top), versatile, and lightweight – and feature Rhea Footwear’s patented no-slip soles. The Working Dad and I are headed to Greece later this year for a beach vacation; guess which pair of shoes is coming along!

Duos Black Gold Sandals | Rhea Footwear


The giveaway has ended.

I received two pairs of shoes from Rhea Footwear for the purpose of a review and hosting this giveaway. Be assured that all words and opinions are, as always, 100% my own.

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